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The end of boys' and girls' sports teams in MN?


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This is the week!  

This week, on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4th, the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) will vote on whether or not to pass their proposed "transgender student athlete policy." 

If they insist on following the agenda of a special interest group and pass this policy (over the objection of member schools, parents, and students), here's an important question:

Why have separate teams for boys and girls in the first place?  If boys who "self-identify" as girls can compete as girls, and girls who "self identify" as boys can compete as boys, why have boys' and girls' championships? 

If boys can take spots on girls' teams and athletic awards and scholarships reserved for girls, aren't we back in the age when females were receiving unequal treatment in public education systems? 

For some further background info, talking points on why MSHSL obviously has a bad idea with this policy, and the Christian response:  CLICK HERE

Why is this happening?

  • CLICK HERE under "what is happening" to find out how MSHSL came to be considering a "transgender student athlete policy" in Minnesota.
  • CLICK HERE for an awesome infographic that explains everything!

  • CLICK HERE for a hard-hitting news story that shows where MSHSL is getting their direction--from the National Federation of State High School Associations.

Here's a few quotes from the story to give you a hint:

Like so many other national organizations...NFHS has become completely overrun by radical leftists and sexual extremists. It has placed political correctness and the adult “LGBT” political agenda above the welfare and safety of the boys and girls it purports to serve.

Writing on behalf of the NFHS, Griffin advises every high school administrator in America that, according to the Federal Office of Civil Rights, Title IX requires that boys pretending to be girls, and girls pretending to be boys, must be permitted to compete on, and share locker room and showering facilities with, the sports teams of the opposite sex.              This is a bald-faced lie.

My suggestion to parents? If your high school allows boys to play on your daughters’ sports teams, sue, sue, sue. And if, God forbid, one of those boys actually injures your daughter, then don’t just sue the school – sue the NFHS...


Read more.



A few questions...

Here's a few questions everyone should be asking the MSHSL, AND asking their child's school if their school hasn't yet opposed MSHSL's "transgender student athlete policy":

  1. Why even have boys' and girls' sports teams if a policy is passed that says students can play on whatever team's gender they "self-identify" with?  

    If physical realities about our bodies don't matter in the world of physical sports, why even separate teams?
  2.  Why do we have different uniforms (think jock straps for young men, sports bras for young ladies, and swimming uniforms), shoe sizing types and systems, and separate women's and men's championships if God's design for our bodies doesn't matter?
  3. Even the MSHSL Executive Director admits that creating a "transgender student athlete policy" is not required under any state or federal law, so why are they doing it?

  4. How is a school going to handle biological boys and biological girls sharing showers, locker rooms, and even hotel rooms?

    If this policy passes, why would a boy who "self identifies" as a girl and is allowed to play on the girls' team, not also insist on being given the right to be in the locker room with his girls' team and then also use the girls' bathroom at school the next day after the game?

    How will schools address this safety and privacy issue?  And, more importantly, why should any student (transgender or otherwise) be subjected to this? 

  5.  Won't it be an unfair advantage for a school's girls' team with biological male participants to compete against another school's all-girls team?

  6. Aren't girls supposed to be protected from discrimination? Isn't it discriminating against girls to allow biological boys to compete for spots on the female team, as well as female athletic scholarships and awards? 


Have you done something to stop this yet?

  1. If you haven't already, please have everyone in your family and contact list (especially those with student athletes in their family) sign our petition against MSHSL's "transgender student athlete policy"!  

    Everyone 7th grade and up can sign individually. 


  2. Have you shared this email with all your contacts?  Encourage them to sign the petition as well!

  3. CLICK HERE for a complete list of ways you can help!

    When parents, students, and schools are silent, MSHSL will assume that they are doing what we want! 



Help keep families informed!

Our mission is to nurture and defend families by restoring biblical truth in the public square. The MSHSL's proposed "transgender policy" is one form of biblical truth being intentionally removed from the public square--particulary from the world of Education where our precious children are involved.

We are an entirely donor-supported ministry, and it is an honor for us to help keep families informed about issues that both support and threaten the family and biblical truth in our culture today.

Please consider a gift to help us keep families informed.

God bless you!

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