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 Friend, please consider the stories below.


Then, decide if you agree with the Obama Administration, LGBT activists, and even some state elected officials that it's perfectly safe and healthy to permit our state to erradicate the differences between male and female.

This is already happening in a variety of ways in our beloved state.

  • Schools are enacting district-wide "transgender policies" permitting students to select their bathroom, locker room, or sports team based on their "gender identity." 
  • The teachers (and students!) are being forced to use a student's preferred pronoun, "gender identity," and name
  • The MN State High School League passed a "transgender policy" permitting biological boys to play on girls' sports teams, without so much as a wink and a nod to the female athletes affected.
  • And, LGBT activists are already pushing to have "transgender healthcare" (i.e. cross-sex hormones and gender reassignment surgery) covered by insurance


This all seems perfectly safe and healthy, right? 


Meet:  Walt Heyer





It all started when Walt was very young.

Unbeknownst to his parents, when he'd stay at his grandma's house, she would dress him in a purple chiffon dress. 



She'd lavish him with praise and attention when he was dressed as a girl, while withholding her love when he was who he was--a boy.

This set in motion a lifetime of confusion and alcohol abuse, ultimately leading to sexual reassignment surgery in his mid-forties where he had his male genitalia removed to help him live as a woman.

Of course, this didn't resolve his underlying problems. 

Read Walt's story and learn how he was finally able to get the help he needed and transition back to a man. 

He asks:  "What will the trans-kids of 2015 be like sixty years from now?"


What are we doing to our kids, and how many of these tragic stories must we create before we realize our own foolishness? 

Meet:  Denise Shick

denise Shick_My Daddys Secret.jpg

Photo via.


When denise was nine years old, her father told her a secret--he wanted to be a woman.

Over time, this led to him wearing Denise's clothes and abandoning their family. Meanwhile, Denise struggled with her own sexuality, alcohol, and thoughts of suicide.

On her wedding day, instead of showing her a father's love, Denise's father said: "I wish it were me in that dress" before he walked her down the aisle.


But, Denise's story is also one of redemption through Christ, and how the love and true life found only in Jesus Christ was demonstrated to her through the love of her husband.

Denise now says:  "Today’s culture proclaims that a person who chooses to change gender is being honest and courageous—true to his or her nature. Truth? Truth is what aligns with reality, and the reality is my dad was abused as a child....  The “reality” TV shows that portray transgenderism as the new frontier in human freedom and self-fulfillment are not telling the whole story. I know from experience."

I think Denise and others who have experienced similar family situations would agree that their stories are far from "safe" and "healthy." 

Read her entire powerful testimony here.




Meet:  Thomas





Thomas is being raised by a lesbian couple in CA. According to the couple, Thomas insisted he was a girl, so they found a doctor to prescribe hormone blockers to Thomas at age 11, to be continued till age 14. 

Hormone blockers halt the natural onset of puberty.

A professor of psychology at Johns Hopkins calls giving hormone inhibitors to children "child abuse."



The long-term effects of this are unknown, but senior managing health editor at FoxNews.com says: "Potential long-term effects can include other abnormalities of hormones, vascular complications and even potential cancer."

Then, at age 14, if the lesbian couple permits Thomas to continue transitioning to "Tammy", cross-sex hormones will be prescribed.

The long-term effects of these are also largely unknown, but what IS known is that cross-sex hormones taken for a long period of time WILL lead to infertility.

Thus, this lesbian couple will take away their child's fertility starting at age 14.

Read more about the health impact of hormone blockers and cross-sex hormones HERE in our "Access to transgender 'health care' and insurance" section. 

Safe?  Healthy? 

Read the rest of the Fox News story on Thomas HERE.


Meet:  Jazz Jennings






Jazz Jennings has become the new face of the transgender movement.

Jazz is a 14-year-old boy who identifies as a girl. He is an activist for the transgender movement and an author--and recently landed a new reality show about his life on TLC channel.




In a news article about Jazz's new show, Jazz says: "I like some boys in my class at school but no one likes me back. It upsets me. I worry it’s because I’m not pretty."

Jazz also noted that he plans to undergo gender reassignment surgery at age 18. This is the same surgery Walt Heyer (above) underwent.

The article does not note whether Jazz is taking hormone blockers or cross-sex hormones.

It bears asking: What will happen to Jazz in 50 years? What are Jazz's parents setting him up for for the rest of his life? What will the long-term medical and psychological effects be?

Is this path set out for him by his parents really safe and healthy?


Friend, after reading these stories, we hope you agree with us that policies purporting to erradicate the differences between men and women, boys and girls, are both unhealthy and unsafe. 


And, as the Benham Brothers recently said in their opposition to a transgender bathroom policy by a city council in North Carolina:

“As Christians, we have to foresee dangers. We...are called to be salt and light."

Our love for others should compel us to speak truth in love, and protect their health and safety.

And, right now in MN, there's something we can do about it. 

After St. Paul Schools and Minneapolis Schools enacted transgender policies (allowing boys and girls to be in the same bathroom, forcing teachers and students to call a student or teacher a boy or a girl when they are not, etc.) and then the MN State High School League passed their "transgender student athlete policy," legislators responded by introducing the "Student Safety and Physical Privacy Act (HF 1546/SF 1543)."

This bill would simply do the following:

  • Require schools to maintain bathrooms separated based on biological sex

  • Allow schools to accommodate those few students with different needs without jeopardizing the privacy and safety of ALL.

  • Undo the MN State High School League's "transgender policy" for the privacy and safety of our female student athletes. 

This bill is a great positive step forward to protect boys' and girls' safety and privacy at school NOW, as well as a positive step towards making sure that the differences between boys and girls continue to be celebrated, not erradicated, in our state--for the good of BOTH sexes, and especially children who already struggle with their identity. 


Easy Action Steps YOU can take to help us move the "Student Safety & Physical Privacy Act" forward!

1. Call and/or email your own MN Legislators and ask them to support and pass the Student Safety and Physical Privacy Act, HF 1546/SF 1543, (even if you've done so already!).

To send an email through our system that automatically matches your address with your legislators, CLICK HERE.

To call your legislators, CLICK HERE, type your zip code and then address in our "FIND OFFICIALS" box, and find the name/contact info for your MN State Senator and MN State Representative.


2. If you have a little more time, please urge the Speaker of the MN House of Representatives to move this bill forward quickly!

Speaker Kurt Daudt


3. Pray!





P.S. Please join us on May 28th at our annual dinner to meet the Benham Brothers and hear their incredible story:

"The message for this critical hour is that LOVE looks like something. Love lays its life down, whatever the cost. Love runs toward the bullets and does NOT run away and duck for cover.
Now's the time to stand boldly for Jesus, whatever the cost."

-David & Jason Benham

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