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Dear Friends,

Do we really have to say that drag queens reading to kids and dancing with them is inappropriate? Apparently we do, since one Twin Cities library is hosting not one, not two, but THREE "Drag Queen Story Hour" events, starting on Wednesday. And according to the library website, the event is suitable for babies, toddlers, and up!

Because libraries offer so many helpful programs for kids, they are a trusted resource that families rely on, especially when summer rolls around. But that trust can sometimes be misplaced. Librarians at the Saint Paul Public Library have shown that they have an agenda for using taxpayer funds to host three "Drag Queen Story Hour" events--the first of the three is this Wednesday! You can see the event page here.

By relentlessly sanitizing the adult elements of drag, Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) attempts to present an image of drag performers as ambassadors for the LGBTQ community rather than adult entertainers. In effect, DQSH brings a sanitized version of nightclub entertainment to children’s settings, such as schools and libraries, as seen in the picture above. This tends to normalize adult sexual proclivities for very young audiences--in fact, it makes children props in an adult spectacle.

For this reason and others, we believe Saint Paul Public Library has a responsibility to cancel "Drag Queen Story Hour" and instead focus on providing content for kids that helps them learn without pushing an agenda. Will you take time to send a message to library directors telling them that Drag Queen Story Hour is NOT appropriate for Minnesota libraries? Click here or on the button below to send a message

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